Monday, April 6, 2009

Sundara escape

Kicking off a week of vacation with an overnight at Sundara Inn and Spa, dropped the boys off at Grandma's house and headed off. This was our second visit, and although we had a great time on our previous visit, I hoped for a better experience overall since I was sick with stomach crud the first time. Like our first visit, we had a couples massage soon after arrival. 50 minute aromatherapy massages side by side. I had knee pain since Friday after a 10.4 mile run, and shoulder pain that has been getting worse, so when the masseuse asked about existing issues, I spilled all. She said she would start with the shoulder issue first and asked if I wanted just my upper body done. Telling her to do the whole body so my knee would get worked too, she said she would see what she could get too because I was a tall man with a lot of area to cover. My thought was since Jenny is smaller than the average person in surface area, her masseuse could have finished up quicker and joined in on me. Next time we will go for a longer duration, or maybe next time I won't be plagued by injury.

Dinner later that night was great. We shared a cheese plate, since we both enjoyed that on our first visit. Different cheeses served with a variety of fruit and crackers. Have to figure out what the one cheese is so we can serve it at our house for a party. It was white, cream cheese like, and served in a small dish covered in honey. We split two entrees for dinner. The first was a crab cake served on watermelon, orange and avocado slices, smothered in hollandaise sauce and the second was surf and turf, a filet with shrimp and scallops. Not much meat and potatoes here so get adventerous or go out somewhere else.

We were expecting a huge snowfall to be dumping on us, but never saw a flake. The last time we were at Sundara we swam in the outdoor pool while it was snowing out, a cool experience. The outdoor pool is kept at an incredible 80 or so degrees year round. We did still enjoy the pool and hot tub outside on this visit.

On our way home we swung through Devil's Lake State Park to check out the campsites that are open. We may have an upcoming camping trip if we can manage to drag the kids away from electronic devices. Stopped to take the picture posted here with the self timer camera on the cell phone. Didn't turn out too bad. The rocky hills in the background are the site of the picture at the top of our blog.
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