Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Door County Vacation Continues

Yesterday we headed to Washington Island to spend some time biking. In my opinion biking is the best way to travel the island. You get right on the ferry with little time waiting in lines and costs a lot less than a car as well. For the price of one bike we can take the tandem with the trail-a-bike attached. Pretty good for transportation for three people.

The day was going to be hot and humid so going to the island with the cool lake breezes was ideal. We headed to see some new sights and geocaching led us to some. We checked out a bluff overview from a little used public access, and found a geocache in the woods. Mosquitoes are pretty non-existent so far this trip (fingers crossed).
After this stop we headed to Schoolhouse Beach with the rocks so rare there is a $250 fine for those caught pocketing them. The boys practiced skipping rocks and cooling off in the water.
Zack commandeered a pile of rocks and called it his territory which he guarded until it was time to move on.
The next stop was the food cart at Jackson Harbor which was a repeat visit from last year. The place was packed today, with the nearby picnic tables all full. There were also several painters setting up to create masterpieces of the water views across to Rock Island. The crowd also made it difficult to log a nearby cache, but we took care of that right as we were leaving.
We spent pretty much the whole day on the island and enjoyed the breezy ferry ride back to the mainland that helped to cool us off from our 23 mile ride.