Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunset kayak from Nicolet Bay

This trip was pushed off one day due to the storm that passed through last night. We headed out with time to get to Peninsula State Park and put in at the boat launch in Nicolet Bay. In order to catch the best view we planned to head out of the bay and around the point to the north side and in front of the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. The take out would be the kayak launch at the Tennison Bay Campground.

Kevin wanted to try out his sail again, and the wind was in the right direction to help push him into the boat launch. That is until we went around Welker's Point and the wind diminished to almost nothing.

The trip needed to come to a swift finish due to the sun setting behind a bank of clouds at the horizon. The trip timing would have been perfect if the clouds had not been there. Oh, well we still got some awesome pictures. A kind gentleman on the shore approached me after the take out and offered to email some pictures he took of us from shore. How wonderful! Here is a sampling of our pictures, some taken by Kevin!