Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wet Weekend

Not a lot to write about, bad weather and prepping for Kevin to head to camp filled our weekend.

The rain started Saturday continuing on and off through Tuesday night, hope the the kids and the cabin at camp stayed dry. Saturday we went shopping twice once for last minute things Kevin needed and a second time after finding he had outgrown his sandals and raincoat. Not to be left out on the shopping Zack hit me up for yet another water bottle. This is why when our dividend check from REI shows up it is big enough to buy some nice gear.

Sunday Jenny and I got in a couple of miles in our VFFs before we had to take Kevin to camp. Google said the drive was about 2 hours and I loaded it into my iPod Touch since I have neither a GPS or smartphone. We had lunch in Boscobel,WI the A&W won the vote of the backseat, clean and fast. Fast that is once we figured out how to order for the phone at the table, only take out orders are taken at the counter. Then we were back on the road for another hour to find camp.

Camp drop off was interesting the Jeep was swarmed by very eager to meet us camp counselors who took Kevin's gear and pointed us towards registration. Oh how I wish we could have skipped the medicine drop off line, it took forever only to be told they had headache stuff on hand anyway. After putting money in an account Kevin can spend at the camp store we walked outside where Kevin meet his counselor and said bye to us. Huh that's it just bye no hug, good I guess I was worried he might be upset. The rest of us took a tour of the grounds on a horse drawn wagon where of course it started to rain again.

The week has been different for me since I can't go run or bike without Zack. This morning after work I ran 5 miles in the dark, not bad sure beat getting cooked in the sun. Sleep is over rate least to a point.

Hope to have more to write about next week.