Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rain Day

Today was a rain day. The weather forecast called for scattered storms throughout the day. There were storms last night and the rain continued into the morning. The plan was to do our art creation and catch up on some shopping that we still wanted to do(OK, most of the shopping was things I wanted to do, but not all of it).

After breakfast we headed out to Hands On Art. We have gone for years, and our house and yard are filled with wonderful artwork we have created from pasta bowls to fused glass garden stakes. The kids wanted to do ceramic projects so Chad and I started out supervising. Then Chad suggested that I glaze some switch plate covers for my bathroom makeover project. Zack's project was a tiger figurine, and Kevin glazed a triple bowl for snacks in the basement. After the projects were done we wandered the grounds and looked at other ideas for next year.
After some shopping, we went into Fish Creek Market for sandwiches. This is another favorite meal stop for us. They have a great store with lots of upscale grocery products like sauces, oils and dips. In the back is a deli that offers custom made sandwiches with fresh sliced meats. Choices are available for all the sandwich components like, bread, meat, veggies, and cheese. We usually get the sandwiches and head to the nearby park by the Fish Creek Marina. Along with my sandwich I got a drink I had never seen before. Metromint, a chocolate mint water. Sound weird? The boys thought so, they laughed. But it was really good. It is water with mint and cocoa essence. No sweeteners, and the ingredient list is purified water, mint, and cocoa essence. That's it! It was refreshing, and reminded me of a grasshopper. I would definitely get it again, if I ever find it locally.

The sun had come out for the afternoon and we began to wonder if there was more rain coming. We went swimming and then Chad and I walked to the nearby Door County Outpost for some wine tasting. We sampled many great wines and came back with six bottles for home including a chocolate red wine. Not just hints of chocolate either, it looks like chocolate milk and tastes similar to Bailey's Irish Cream.

The plan for the evening was to do a sunset kayak off the shores of Peninsula State Park. Of course then the clouds rolled in, dark clouds. Checking the radar we saw a huge storm front coming in. Instead we headed slightly south to catch a geocache and watch the storm roll in from a county park. The sky was impressive but we forgot the camera. Chad took some photos with his phone but we have no way to get them off the mini SD card until we get home. I'll post those pictures later if they turned out. We ran straight into the storm on the drive back with pouring rain and tree branches blowing down. The brunt of the storm went to the north over Peninsula State Park and I felt lucky that I had a solid roof over my head for this storm. Hope all the campers out there are fairing well this week, it sure has been a wet one.