Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation in Door County begins

We are up in Door County for our yearly escape to our timeshare unit. The weather has been all right so far, last year was so hot!

Sunday we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We have been going for years to the Summer Kitchen after getting a recommendation from a local working at a book store. The menu has changed over the years, but we keep going back for the soup bar. Each day they have five soups self-serve with bread and butter. You can get one cup, two cups, or a taster's cup allowing you to enjoy even more. All the plates and bowls are Fiestaware in assorted colors. Check out the stack of plates at the soup bar. Chad and I also order an Arnold Palmer to drink. This shows up more on menus now, but when Chad first had a glass years ago it was a rarity. The Arnold Palmer is half iced tea, half lemonade (the pink variety here). When they serve it at the Summer Kitchen it retains the cool layers. To eat, I usually get the two cups and that is enough to fill me up. A cup also comes along with most adult meals. My "old standby" is the Spicy Tomato Dill. I have purchased their cook book and will make this one at home occasionally. Chad and the boys had the Spicy Tomato this year and I helped myself to leftovers. I used my two cups for Creamy Mushroom with Rice. And this soup is thick and creamy! I bet it's made with heavy cream, and there are big chunks of mushrooms. Sorry mushroom haters, but I love it!

Sunday night we went to the outdoor theater, The Skyway Drive-In. We have contemplated going for years, but the double feature this time was good for all, so we headed there for the 9:00ish p.m. start time. The first movie was Toy Story 3, followed by Prince of Persia starting around 11:00 p.m. The adult admission was $7.00 so for two movies and the experience it was well worth it. We parked at a good distance to see out the windshield but it was still tough to see from the backseat. We didn't have the necessary gear for sitting outside. We used the FM radio for the sound, and there was surround sound going on. It was a late night though, and Kevin even wanted to give up before the end of the second movie. We told him to drink some Mountain Dew and keep going, as we were annoyed by other drivers leaving in the middle of the movie. Turns out we may not have been able to leave anyways as our Jeep battery was not charged enough to start when we left. Not sure if anything else was running but the radio, but next time we will be more careful or use the outdoor speakers. Thanks to the kindness of strangers we got a jump for our Jeep. There were handfuls of people in the same situation as us, and the couple that helped us out wanted nothing in return. They were doing the same as someone else who helped them out in the past.

Monday was started out with kayaking, after everyone was finally out of bed. Since this was the first time out this year, we started with something close by and easy. From the beach outside Egg Harbor we launched and cruised around the bay. The internet description has said there is a cave to kayak through on the south end of the bay, but we found nothing except for a bridge that was created over the breaker rock. Kevin did get a good chance to try out his kayak sail that was a school project last year. It was until this trip, untested. It worked great. It didn't bend over or fall apart, and it caught a bunch of air that Kevin said was propelling him forward. He didn't have to paddle much, just steer to keep on course. This sail will work well for Kevin, and Chad was jealous that he didn't have one. While Chad and I put gear away, the kids played around on the beach which was not packed like the one in Peninsula State Park usually gets this time of day.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing mixed with some geocaching by Jeep. Bike rides will wait for Tuesday as the sky is looking dark for our bike for gelato ride to Egg Harbor.