Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Day in Door County

Being the final full day in Door County, we of course tried to fit in all the things we didn't have a chance to do yet. The plan was for breakfast out, geocaching, biking, and a sunset kayak trip. There were some changes to the plan, but everyone had a good day.

Breakfast was at another new place to us. Julie's Park Cafe, right at the entrance to Peninsula State Park. The kids decided to eat outside, and we all ordered items that we liked very well. I had the Santa Fe Eggs which had hash browns, layered with black beans, eggs, salsa, and sour cream. This layered stack was then encircled with tortilla chips. Not a traditional breakfast, but it was tasty. We will definitely return again.

We then headed into the park to do a multi-stage cache. This may not have been the first one we attempted but was the longest and with the most stages. The excitement for the kids was that there was a prize from the ranger's station at the end. We did not have a trail map, but we managed. We got a little off track sometimes. Some of the caches were tough to spot, but everyone pitched in and helped out. There was a secret password in the last cache that we used at the ranger's station and the kids got to pick out special patches from the park. The trail was not busy, not too many mosquitoes, and the temperature was cool under the trees on this hot and humid day.

Zack is still my littlest guy and sometimes (when he is not acting like a teenager) still wants to hold my hand while walking.

Kevin, on the other hand, is Mr. Independent now. He did a good job leading the way solo.

After the cache, we were going to ride across the Door on bicycle to a coffee shop and cafe. The kids resisted, and eventually seeing that Chad and I were not going to talk them into it, we went down the street to the Egg Harbor Fun Park. We usually go mini-golfing each year, and this year they added go-carts. The winner of golfing...ME! By one point over Kevin.

He's got good form, but I think he missed something.

That's better.

Go-cart racing was won by Kevin. He was first out the gate just ahead of Zack and Chad. I'm not one to excel at this sport, so I just hung back and let them battle it out in front of me. Chad never got around Kevin, and claims Kevin was all over the track not leaving him any room to get around.

The sunset kayak trip was a go, but I will leave that for the next post.