Friday, June 25, 2010

Trail Tramper's Delight

Here is more detail about Chad's experience on the trail to get the Jeep and trailer after our sunset kayak on vacation.

The trail that runs across the point to the launch is called Trail Tramper's Delight. This trail was NOT a delight for Chad. After the sunset kayak trip Chad was going to run back to the Nicolet Bay boat launch for the Jeep and trailer. The kids and I waited with the boats and made small talk with a fellow kayaker. Chad came back a short while later and the first words while I was carrying things to the Jeep was, "I think I broke a couple toes." What! It was pretty dark on the Trail Tramper's Delight trail, and Chad was running in his Vibram Five Fingers. He kicked or tripped on some unknown item on the trail and experienced instant pain. The pinky toe was swollen when we returned to the condo. He iced and elevated for awhile and by the next morning there were some pretty colors appearing.

It doesn't appear that anything is broken in the toe. His foot swelled pretty good and the coloring continued to darken for another day or so after the above picture. He doesn't know what he ran into so it's hard to know what caused the bruised stripe down the little toe. Hopefully it doesn't lay him up too long.